Loving Memories: Sculptural Keepsake Urns

Introducing Artistic Niche Urns


Creative Cremation Urns

Our sculptural keepsake urns are a loving and artistic way to remember your loved ones. All our funeral urns are designed by artist Jay M. Rotberg. They carry his signature style for evoking the warmth and love of family and friends.

After the funeral or memorial, you will have an urn that speaks to your tender and loving feelings for your loved one. Each cremation urn is designed to safely and securely hold your loved one’s ashes—and yet also become a work of art in your home.

Urns With a Soul cremation urns offer comfort with a distinctive style.

Each urn has a “soul,” depicted by two interlocking infinity signs designed in the shape of a flower. This soul represents the eternal in us and brings one’s spirit to others forever more. One can imagine the idea of the soul being transformed into a flower forever blooming.