Because Art Is About Relationships and So Is the Funeral Business

GREENSBORO, NC, September 2, 2009—Greensboro, NC, artist Jay Rotberg started his company, Urns With A Soul, in 2009 because “urns shouldn’t just sit there. They should express the emotions of a special relationship—the love, the tenderness, the happiness, the passion.”

Rotberg’s designs for his distinctive cremation urns and keepsakes are based on his popular sculpture collections. His sculptures have found their way into shops, galleries, personal collections, catalogs and museums around the world. His art reflects his beliefs, interests and loves—the closeness of family, the power of faith and the unpredictable and delightful itineraries of relationships.

Recently, he broadened his Urns With A Soul collection to include artistic cemetery cremation niches that are perfect for use in standard cemetery monument niches. They are made of wood and hold a minimum of 220 cubic inches of cremains. They also can be placed in the home in a variety of settings.

All Urns With A Soul sculptures are crafted using bonded marble and wood resins and finished in a bronze verdigris patina. Full size urns hold approximately 210 cubic inches of cremains and are crafted in metal with an antique bronze finish. Keepsake urns hold approximately 5 to 8 cubic inches of cremains and are made using bonded marble and wood resins and finished in a bronze verdigris patina.

Every sculpture in the Urns With A Soul collection is available as a cremation urn, a keepsake urn or a cemetery cremation niche. Each sculpture also has an affixed sticker representing the “soul” depicted by two interlocking infinity signs designed in the shape of a flower. “This soul represents the eternal in us and brings one’s spirit to others forever more,” said Rotberg.

“Urns With A Soul products add value to your cremation services,” Rotberg said. “They are art, a unique product, made in the USA of recycled materials. We offer excellent price points and fast turnaround. But most of all, Urns With A Soul are a stylish and more personal way to say, ‘We will always remember.’”

Urns With A Soul also carries a collection of urns specifically designed for pets.

Jay Rotberg’s new niche urns feature one of his sculptures, hold at least 220 cubic inches of cremains, and will fit in standard monument niches.

Full size urns hold approximately 210 cubic inches and are availble with a oak, cherry, or walnut bases.


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